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Our Journey to owning a Farm in Upper Maine!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With a small baby son,it can get pretty interesting trying to reseach anything. I want to do things in a non-traditional manner! It may sound old world,but hey no guts no glory! Right? For right now I have 3 differant Realators working on finding a place come late this Fall into early Winter!!! "2010". I have in the meanwhile started packing things that are not needed around the house,on a daily basis! Such as books,knick-knacks,and such. i have also been on a mission to stock up on a few of my fave things that I will not be able to find in stores up there!! What would that be?? Ah" Yankee Candles,for instance I love their candles in Cinnamon Apple and Vanilla! Yes I know I can order them,but then i'ld have a shipping fee also!! Why candles??Because we plan to go off the Grid!! We are planning on burning wood or pellets for heat,use well water,and rain water too! And have a Windmill,i'm planning on getting all the candles I can afford for now!!! And then we also plan on using oil lamps,which I would love to find the same scents in ,but i have no clue who would even sell them or if it even exsists!! I really want to decorate in a Farm like way,yeah I know we do not have our house yet,but i'm being very positive and I know that God will provide. i've been collecting Precious moments,and would love to get more but it is expensive for us right now!! I really love them though!! I also want or would love some John Deere stuff! I think they even have a cookbook,that would be cool!!! Now i've been told that to really save money I should can stuff!!,and I want to do alot,but will need a ton of jars and lids too!!So i've started my quest on that,You know i'll even be happy to rent a farm to start out,if it gets us up there sooner!!! Ok winning the lottery could work too!! If we only played!!! i am hunting for a used cooks wood burning stove/oven. No clue where to go there either but i'm looking!!!


  1. Ebay, Ebay, Ebay. Haven't I told u before, lol. You can find anything and everything on Ebay. Also try Lehmans, though they are very expensive they have hard to find items that can't be found elsewhere.

  2. hmmm ebay,is great and all!! but a woodstove would have a nice shipping and handling cost,wouldn't it???

  3. Not if you only look for one with in driving distance, there are hundreds online right this moment.

  4. I went onto ebay and found some good deals!!! But!!!!Yup,there is a but!!! :( they are to be picked up,and in New Hampshire,Vermont,and Upper New York!!! A bit far to go for right now!!! Man this one black cooks stove is going for 250.00!!! I want it!! But Brian cann't take off from work again all too soon!!!