Welcome to the Adventure!!!

Our Journey to owning a Farm in Upper Maine!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just called a Reaestate Agent!!!

Ok,so i'm doing research on the internet looking up fixer upper old farms !! I stumble across this Realestate agent,I call her,I start telling her what we are looking for! She hung up on me!! No kidding!!! i'm sorry,but if we can not afford something big and fancy,do we still not deserve to be heard or helped?? I mean,these old houses are just rotting away,and here I am willing to live in one,and try to fix it up!! Why are people so shallow?? Who am I supposed to ask about one?? Trust me,if I knew an older person or anyone who owned one,and they were too burdened by it,I would ask them directly to help us out,by selling it to us!! I'm really,really devastated that this woman,just blew me off like that!!

Searching for an Old Farm!!!

So,here goes! What we are looking for is an old run down farm house on a few acres of land!! We would love to find a rent to own house,or owner financing help!! Why? because one like most people in this country,our credit is not that great!! Mostly medical!! But to fix it first would mean 5 or more years living in a very cramped 1 bedroom apartment ,and paying more!!! Now I know in the bottom of my heart,that there are old houses just sitting there,unlived in,and not taken care of or loved!! So if I were able to talk an owner of such a place to sell,with monthly payments to them direct from us,wouldn't everyone win in the long run?? We want a house that can be safe enough to live in,but one that needs fixing too!! I've seen such houses by realato'rs for about 20-30,000!! But if we could find the direct seller instead and ask if we could buy through them instead,I truly believe we'll have more luck!! So i'm searching high and low!! I need some advise on where to look other than realator's too!!! i'm thinking of putting an add in a paper too up in Maine!!! You know we drove by all these run down farms,and it breaks my heart,that nobody cares that it's just sitting there,and like myself there are people who would do anything in this world to have it,and love it!! I would love a shack right about now!!! I wish my grandparents left me an old crumbling house,but they did not!!! They left new ones to my cousins in Europe instead,and that's a price alot of kids who grow up here,from other countries pay!! They are thought of as rich ,just because they live here! Funny how this world works. All I know is i'm not giving up on my dreams!! I know that God,will in fact help guide me to succeed.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maine is Moose Country!!!

Ok so on our trip up,I was beside myself in thinking that I would get the chance to see a real live Moose!! But ,as luck would have it! Not one came out of the woods to be seen! Well at least I got the chance to see what our new/yet used Nissan Xterra,was made of!! My hubby said that moving up to Maine,we would need to have a really good 4x4 ,that could handle the elements of such a place!! I fell head over heals in love with the Nissan Xterra,and so did my husband Brian!! We tested it's durability,by taking it off the road,into the woodsy,and muddy like pastures,of my friend Christina's ,huge back yard!! Ok she has 165 acres to be exact,in Carabou!!! We were back there looking to take pictures of the Moose,but instead,we got only pictures of Moose tracks!! Hmmm?? I think they knew I was comming! I guess they did not want to be called cutesy name by some wacky,I Love Lucy,like nut such as myself!! Anyhow having great tires is also key if going on such a bumpy road!! I wonder what the tires are called that have chains on them?? Anyhow,I heard that there are special tires for icy and slippery roads!! We will most likely need them too one day!! As for the Moose?? well we bought our son a stuffed toy Moose with a hoodie,that says Aroostook County Maine ,on it. Very cute !!! I will be putting Monty the Moose on a collectors shelf though since he has plastic button eyes,that are not safe for little ones!!! But he will make for a really cute keepsake for his first big road trip!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


With a small baby son,it can get pretty interesting trying to reseach anything. I want to do things in a non-traditional manner! It may sound old world,but hey no guts no glory! Right? For right now I have 3 differant Realators working on finding a place come late this Fall into early Winter!!! "2010". I have in the meanwhile started packing things that are not needed around the house,on a daily basis! Such as books,knick-knacks,and such. i have also been on a mission to stock up on a few of my fave things that I will not be able to find in stores up there!! What would that be?? Ah" Yankee Candles,for instance I love their candles in Cinnamon Apple and Vanilla! Yes I know I can order them,but then i'ld have a shipping fee also!! Why candles??Because we plan to go off the Grid!! We are planning on burning wood or pellets for heat,use well water,and rain water too! And have a Windmill,i'm planning on getting all the candles I can afford for now!!! And then we also plan on using oil lamps,which I would love to find the same scents in ,but i have no clue who would even sell them or if it even exsists!! I really want to decorate in a Farm like way,yeah I know we do not have our house yet,but i'm being very positive and I know that God will provide. i've been collecting Precious moments,and would love to get more but it is expensive for us right now!! I really love them though!! I also want or would love some John Deere stuff! I think they even have a cookbook,that would be cool!!! Now i've been told that to really save money I should can stuff!!,and I want to do alot,but will need a ton of jars and lids too!!So i've started my quest on that,You know i'll even be happy to rent a farm to start out,if it gets us up there sooner!!! Ok winning the lottery could work too!! If we only played!!! i am hunting for a used cooks wood burning stove/oven. No clue where to go there either but i'm looking!!!

Planning our move to Carabou Maine!!!

We went up to visit Carabou,Maine on the 16th of May 2009. It was our first visit that far up!! We have a dream of buying our first Farm there! Yes,it's cold up there and the Winters' are very long! But to love Carabou,is to know Carabou!!!We live in a one bedroom apartment right now,in a very suburban neighborhood,in Delaware. It's too Mainstream,too humid,and we are not the city/suburb type!!! We love cold weather and the country! So Carabou,is the perfect place for us! we are on a mission to find a rundown,fixer upper,of an old Farmhouse! Why?? well it would be one less house not being lived in,and it would be ideal financially to get us into our own home,and to have a piece of land too!! I would love to have chickens,pigs,a cow or two,and a horse too!!! I would more than love to have veggies,a flower garden,and ring a dinner bell!!! Yes I dream of becomming a farmwife!!! I have my cowboy,and little Cowboy son too!!! But to be honest no farm as of yet!! I wish I was born in this country and had an uncle or grandfather who left me some land,but that's also not the case!!!So we are praying to find something dirt cheap!!!