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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just called a Reaestate Agent!!!

Ok,so i'm doing research on the internet looking up fixer upper old farms !! I stumble across this Realestate agent,I call her,I start telling her what we are looking for! She hung up on me!! No kidding!!! i'm sorry,but if we can not afford something big and fancy,do we still not deserve to be heard or helped?? I mean,these old houses are just rotting away,and here I am willing to live in one,and try to fix it up!! Why are people so shallow?? Who am I supposed to ask about one?? Trust me,if I knew an older person or anyone who owned one,and they were too burdened by it,I would ask them directly to help us out,by selling it to us!! I'm really,really devastated that this woman,just blew me off like that!!

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