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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Planning our move to Carabou Maine!!!

We went up to visit Carabou,Maine on the 16th of May 2009. It was our first visit that far up!! We have a dream of buying our first Farm there! Yes,it's cold up there and the Winters' are very long! But to love Carabou,is to know Carabou!!!We live in a one bedroom apartment right now,in a very suburban neighborhood,in Delaware. It's too Mainstream,too humid,and we are not the city/suburb type!!! We love cold weather and the country! So Carabou,is the perfect place for us! we are on a mission to find a rundown,fixer upper,of an old Farmhouse! Why?? well it would be one less house not being lived in,and it would be ideal financially to get us into our own home,and to have a piece of land too!! I would love to have chickens,pigs,a cow or two,and a horse too!!! I would more than love to have veggies,a flower garden,and ring a dinner bell!!! Yes I dream of becomming a farmwife!!! I have my cowboy,and little Cowboy son too!!! But to be honest no farm as of yet!! I wish I was born in this country and had an uncle or grandfather who left me some land,but that's also not the case!!!So we are praying to find something dirt cheap!!!

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