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Our Journey to owning a Farm in Upper Maine!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A house to check out!!!

Well we found a house and we're taking another trip up to Maine,to look at a house in Masardis!!! It's a very small town,population 255!! Yup,it's small!!!!!!!!!!! and way out there in the sticks!! But,I found this house about 4-5 months ago,and it kept finding it's way back to me,i swear to you that it wants me there!!! call me supersticious,but I think i'm meant to live there!! I believe in the Lord,but I also know that magic and supernatural things can occur!! I'm one of those people who have done alot of soul searching,church hopping,and religious studies of many faiths!! And as time went by I kept a bit of each teachings,and have applied them to better understand myself and the world around me!! and this goes back to,me believing in my heart that fate is calling me to this home!! It is not a practical home by any means,it's old as heck,needs tons of work,the price is exactly what we need though!! But it only has 1/2 an acre but useable land behind it still!! And it's 30-40 miles from my friends in Carabou!!and stores and such!! But it is calling me to it!! and everytime I look at it,I see the most beautiful home!!! weird right?? I tried to copy the photo,sent over by the realtor,by failed at posting it here!! Anyhow,i'm keeping myself busy packing,yup,i'm packing!! we are moving to Aroostook County no matter what by March of 2010!! i have a small son,so to make things easy,i started early,and trying to really sort all things out!! I'm networking up in Maine,pricing things we'll need to survive for those long winters'! Such as Coal!!! and wood/coal cook stoves!!! My hubby went out and bought a new Chainsaw!!! talk about excited!!!! As for myself we bought some veggies seeds!! I looked for hearty ones,cabbage,turnips,brussel sprout,spinach,parsley with the turnip like root!!!and pickles for pickling!!!I will get many more,but for now it's a start!! more to follow!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009