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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maine is Moose Country!!!

Ok so on our trip up,I was beside myself in thinking that I would get the chance to see a real live Moose!! But ,as luck would have it! Not one came out of the woods to be seen! Well at least I got the chance to see what our new/yet used Nissan Xterra,was made of!! My hubby said that moving up to Maine,we would need to have a really good 4x4 ,that could handle the elements of such a place!! I fell head over heals in love with the Nissan Xterra,and so did my husband Brian!! We tested it's durability,by taking it off the road,into the woodsy,and muddy like pastures,of my friend Christina's ,huge back yard!! Ok she has 165 acres to be exact,in Carabou!!! We were back there looking to take pictures of the Moose,but instead,we got only pictures of Moose tracks!! Hmmm?? I think they knew I was comming! I guess they did not want to be called cutesy name by some wacky,I Love Lucy,like nut such as myself!! Anyhow having great tires is also key if going on such a bumpy road!! I wonder what the tires are called that have chains on them?? Anyhow,I heard that there are special tires for icy and slippery roads!! We will most likely need them too one day!! As for the Moose?? well we bought our son a stuffed toy Moose with a hoodie,that says Aroostook County Maine ,on it. Very cute !!! I will be putting Monty the Moose on a collectors shelf though since he has plastic button eyes,that are not safe for little ones!!! But he will make for a really cute keepsake for his first big road trip!!

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