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Thursday, July 9, 2009

still waiting on more pictures

My realtor is on vacation in Hawaii,so I have no choice but to wait until he comes back. I asked him before he left to send me some more pictures of the inside of the house,there were no pictures posted of the kitchen or bathroom!!i'm not too sure what to expect on those two rooms!! but hey as long as they work it will be ok!! i'm not expecting everything to work either the house is being sold for 19,000.00,so it will have some big time work needed !! but i'm not looking for fancy,I want a very simple home with basic comfort and alot of warmth and love. Well our trip up to Maine is comming up too,in the last week of August!!We are on the tightest budget you can think of!! But we believe that where there is a will there is always a way too. And to make matters even more interesting and challenging we have no money saved for a down payment ,ah!!but see that's where we plan to get creative!!we plan to give the owner a holding fee!! and then borrow 1,500.00,from my mother inlaw!! because 2000,00,is what they asked us to put down.The owner is willing to finance it for us!! I can not tell you how greatful I am for a chance to buy a home even one with so much work needed on it!! I want so badly to raise my own dairy goats,chickens,a few cows and a couple of pigs too!! And not to mention,all the veggies too.
the town where this house is very small,and if anyone decides to follow my blog,who may have also moved into a very rural town,please let me hear from you!! Any and all advise on how to handle living in a very small populated area,this town has 244 people to be exact!! And well it's a very spread out area!! it's also a good 9 miles or so from the closest town,from what i've learned about it,it has a small general store,a gas station,and a post office,and a church maybe!!! yup it's not much!! but I plan to homeschool,and grow our own food too!! My hubby drives for a living anyhow,so driving an hour to and from work will not phase him much!! But if we get this house I will need to have a back up plan incase of a Bear,wolf,moose,or anything else that may be of threat!! but let me tell you if I have to shoot an animal it will be for self defense,and it will get eaten depending on what it is!! we are camping out on our trip up,that should be fun,i've not been camping since I was about 10yrs old. But that was up in Death Valley,and with rattle snakes. i really would love to find out if Moose meat is any good!! I want to get a hunting license in case we get one on our property. Yeah right about now I sound like a real tom boy!! But i'm more girly than you'ld think. now if I could only figure out how to add pictures here and a recipe area,and so on!! A nicer background would be great too!!

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